Baker Hughes accredits CAS with SRS QA35

Baker Hughes has certified Continental Alloys & Services to the BHI SRS QA35 program for metals distributors. 

SRS QA 35 is an enhancement of ISO 9001:2008 and is required for a Distributor to have the authority to qualify mill sources for supply to BHI independent of the BHI Approved Mill List.  The SRS QA35 program began about 12 months ago and is similar to the soon-to-be-released API Standard 20J for Distributors of Metallic Material for use in the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries.  The Baker specification is more rigorous than API 20J and puts a greater emphasis on monitoring and controlling of the mills that produce the products.  SRS QA35 also requires more confirmation testing of incoming materials and risk analysis for each mill.  Incoming inspection and testing and the risk analysis for each mill becomes the basis for raw material purchasing choices.  CAS is pleased to be certified to SRS QA35 and will continue to be a trusted supplier to Baker Hughes, Inc.

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