Ultrasonic Testing

At Continental Alloys & Services, we know customer satisfaction is a direct result of consistent material integrity. To give our clients, and ourselves, ultimate confidence in our products, Continental has forged a partnership with industry-leading Tejas Testing & Inspection, Inc., of Houston.

Tejas Testing is on the cutting edge of material inspection. One of its most exciting innovations is phased-array ultrasonic testing, or PAUT.

PAUT is revolutionary. It represents a dramatic improvement over conventional ultrasonic testing, which utilizes a single pulse of ultrasound sent into the material at one angle.

This single pulse doesn’t always reflect information accurately back to the transducer — and critical defects can slip past the inspection.

That’s where the phased-array process comes in. PAUT uses 30 different angles simultaneously, in a constant sweep throughout the material.

This greatly increases the coverage — and the likelihood of detecting any imperfection.  An inspector using PAUT is able to see previously hidden defects. It also gives a more accurate assessment of the size of defects that would have previously been seen but mistakenly evaluated. PAUT meets or exceeds industry standards and requirements.

Tejas Testing inspects all of Continental’s materials that are heat-treated locally. Tejas also inspects representative samples of all our incoming stock.

To be the best, we know we need to work with the best. When it comes to inspecting steel, that means Continental Alloys and Tejas Testing, working together.

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