Continental Alloys & Services is dedicated to providing services and products our customers can count on. When you deal with Continental, you don’t have to worry about getting the steel you need, when you need it. That’s because we manage our materials to give our clients the advantage, always.

We are experts at adjusting quantities and controlling inventories. This keeps us nimble and efficient — ready and able to provide the steel, service and pricing our customers expect.

As well, Continental’s global relationships give our customers access to specialty alloys they wouldn’t be able to obtain on their own.

We know our customers need value-added services, from threading and cutting to machining and heat-treating. So that’s what we offer. In addition, our Cut and Drop program delivers pre-cut steel marked with customers’ work order numbers, ready for machining.

Continental’s trained steel specialists are on hand to answer questions and provide quick response to material demands. We also offer our customers an in-depth training program delivered by a professional metallurgist, to help them better understand the differences between the steels we offer.

We believe the more you know, the more you’ll appreciate the Continental advantage.

That’s what makes Continental a leading one-stop provider of steel products and services for the oil and gas industry.

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